Ticket Sales Policy

Tickets sold by Ticket Bookings Online are subject to the following Ticket Sales policy.

  1. The tickets on sale from this website are sold by the event organiser and/or Ticket Bookings Online.
  2. Ticket Bookings Online is a business owned and operated by Gerard Technologies Pty Ltd ACN 074 757 905.
  3. The tickets, ticket prices, availability, and seating allocations offered for sale by Ticket Bookings Online are set by event organiser. The event organiser may attach certain restrictions or requirements for sale of these tickets by Ticket Bookings Online.
  4. The details of events described for sale are provided by the event organiser and are presented in good faith by Ticket Bookings Online.
  5. Due to the limited availability of tickets for sale, Ticket Bookings Online considers all ticket sales are are final and do not allow exchange or refund due to change of mind or circumstance. The event organiser may, at its discretion, offer full or limited exchanges or refunds for valid tickets to their events. Contact the event organiser for further information.
  6. Tickets sold through Ticket Bookings Online can, at the direction of the event organiser, be delivered as an E-Ticket issued by email or through another delivery method as set by the event organiser. Where tickets are issued in a form other than as an E-Ticket, the event organiser is responsible for the distribution of those tickets.
  7. E-Tickets issued by Ticket Bookings Online as issued in Adobe PDF format. To access and print these tickets requires a personal computer and printer with the capabilities required to operate the Adobe Reader software. For more information about the Adobe Reader software visit adobe.com.
  8. When issuing an E-Ticket, the event organiser may require that the E-Ticket be presented in its original, unaltered form prior to entry, and may, at its descretion, determine the E-Ticket is valid and has not been tampered with by requesting presentation of suitable photographic identification, the credit card used for purchase or other material as the event organiser deems appropriate. The event organiser reserves the righht to refuse entry where it believes an E-Ticket presented is not valid or has been tampered with.
  9. The event organiser may attach certain criteria to the purchase of the ticket, and may refuse entry if those criteria aren't met when entering the event even with an otherwise valid ticket.
  10. Regrettably, events may be cancelled or postponed by the event organiser. If this this occurs, the event organiser may set refund limitations or exchange policies. Please refer to the event organiser terms of sale for more information.
  11. Payment for tickets offered for sale by the event organiser will be processed to the event organiser.
  12. Payment for tickets offered for sale by the Ticket Bookings Online will be processed by Ticket Bookings Online on behalf of the event organiser.
  13. Ticket Bookings Online reserves the right to amend this Ticket Sales Policy at any time. You should refer to them periodically of your own accord but also pay particular attention to any notice by Ticket Bookings Online that they have been amended.

Ticket Sales Policy - Last Reviewed 24 January 2017 - v5